Client Testimonials

"This program is the best investment I’ve made in two decades of teaching. I think this is because Lauren brings best practices from mindfulness and entrepreneurial productivity to teaching. Her thoughtful questions and examples prompted me to reflect upon and design my own unique solutions, record the results, create the minimum viable product, and adjust from there.  The collaboration with other teachers is also invaluable and validating."  

- Mme K

Core French teacher (High School)

I’m so glad that I signed up for the Intentional Teaching program. Lauren is thoughtful and encouraging. The other members share ideas and support. Lauren has studied concepts that I would if I had time and she applies her learning to my teaching. Lauren is providing invaluable support in the French language community. If we as French teachers learn how to organize and plan and get our weekends back, we won’t burn out and leave the profession.”

- Amy

Core French teacher (High School)

Before I started the program, I constantly felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and as though I was never doing a good enough job as a teacher. I lacked balance with my life outside of the classroom and regularly brought work home, taking precious time away from loved ones and having time to recharge. With the amazing support from Lauren and the hope that I could enjoy teaching again and get my personal life back, I have learned the importance of setting boundaries. I have found balance between work and home by effectively planning and prioritizing tasks and refining my beliefs about teaching. With the valuable tools and routines I have learned and established, I am a more confident, prepared, and happy teacher; plus I have my evenings and weekends back!

- Valerie

French teacher (Grade 3)

What Intentional Teaching members are saying

"Wow, I am so happy that I joined this program. Lauren helped me apply many of the concepts to my family life and my business and I was not stressed or upset if I did not complete something that was not a priority. I learned how to manage my time better and how long things would actually take me to complete. I am more confident and less worried about the smaller things than I was previously. Lauren is amazing! I would definitely recommend giving this program a try, it has helped me in more ways than I can express."

- Allison

French Immersion teacher (Grade 1)

"Intentional Teaching has helped me focus on the things I can control and change within my teaching practice as opposed to feeling trapped and burdened by stress. Lauren has helped me take actionable steps to address mindsets and beliefs that were not benefitting me."

- Khorshid

IB + Core French teacher (High School)

"I really can’t reiterate how much I use the Intentional Ten… Just 1000%! It’s cutting down my prep time during the week, knowing what I’m going to do… I’m finding more time, I’m actually doing corrections at school, I’m bringing less home… Oh my gosh this is amazing!"

- Jacynthe

French teacher (Grades 1-2)

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