Business Consulting

Want to get to the next level... without working longer?

I offer 1:1 consulting for online coaches and experts who want the systems they need to grow and scale their business in part time hours.

What's holding you back from getting to the next level? I'll help you identify what's getting in the way and help you create tailored systems that you'll be able to maintain.

Specialties include:

  • Project planning and execution (so you know what to focus on each day)
  • Podcast set up to get your message out to a wider audience
  • Content creation systems so you can share in less time
  • CRM set up to help you keep track of current and potential clients

What Clients Are Saying

- Jennifer Kaplanski, Life and Food Coach

"Thank you Lauren so much for your help in getting my coaching business organized- especially as I brought on my first hire. The process has gone so much more smoothly than I could do myself and she's already in the first 2 months completely blown away my expectations as I had such clear tasks to get her started. I'm so much more organized now!"

- Michelle Lake, Business Coach for Endurance Athletes

"I can't believe we just started working together. You have already saved me so much time and motivated to work more productively. I already feel more focused as I approach my day. Coming from a small business owner this is huge. I cannot thank you enough!"

- Michelle Breitenbach, Business Coach for Online Dyslexia Tutors

"Before working with Lauren, I was struggling to get content done in a timely manner. I would batch it but it would take me hours to create the content and then even more time to execute the captions. And this month, after working together and implementing a plan, I created a month of content and completed half the captions in 45 minutes. I was shocked at how simple and effortless it was!"

- Nicole Cruz, Registered Dietician

"Working with Lauren showed me that there are many ways to be intentional in my business whether that is the small things or the big things. I remember working on a project once that I thought would take me many hours to complete. Lauren asked me "how long do you want it to take you?" and I was completely shocked because I never thought I had that much control over my time. Implementing Lauren's suggestions has helped me stop wasting time and start doing more of the important things in my business, allowing me to get back my time and energy! I am so grateful for Lauren and LOVE working with her!"

- Anna Nichols, Human Design Business Strategist

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