Professional Development

I love to share teaching strategies and mindset shifts to help teachers enjoy their work, streamline their teaching and make a difference in the lives of their students. While my speciality is helping French and second language teachers, my workshops can still support all K-12 teachers.

In person and virtual options available.

All sessions will be customized to your individual school's needs so that teachers can walk away with practical strategies they can use right away with their students. Sample workshop topics are listed below.

Domino Routines - How to Do More with Less Time and Energy

As educators we can often feel exhausted by the end of the day… while our students are bursting with energy by 3pm! In this session, you’ll discover the power of Domino Routines: routines that will help you as a teacher do more with less time and energy while empowering your students at the same time.

We’ll discuss the difference between a regular classroom routine and a Domino Routine, and how you can incorporate new Domino Routines into your classroom both during and outside of school hours, even if you find routines hard to maintain. You’ll walk away with a bank of Domino Routine ideas and a personalized plan for your first Domino Routine to incorporate into your teaching practice next week.

The Intentional Ten - How to Make the Most of Short Prep Times

How can you make the most of your prep times with the interruptions and changes you face during the school day… and even losing your prep time all together? In this session, you’ll discover how planning your prep times in a way that is prioritized and flexible can help feel less stressed and more prepared, productive and present with your students.

You’ll walk away with a clear guide to making the most of your time at school that will work for you and your teaching style.

The Simplified Planning System for French Teachers

Curriculum guidelines for French teachers can often feel… vague. How can you create units and lessons that are engaging, differentiated and meet the needs of your particular students, without overplanning?

In this session, we’ll look at the 3 core elements you need to plan ahead, find appropriate resources and find the direction you need to support your different learners. You’ll walk away with practical strategies to simplify your planning and a step by step system to plan in a way that works for you.

Workshop Details

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