From Scattered to Streamlined

Teacher Mentor and Business Consultant

Hi, I'm Lauren McLoughlin, the founder of Lauren Monique. Here you'll find ideas, resources, and trainings to streamline your work as a teacher. Get organized, plan ahead and stop working evenings and weekends so you can make a difference at school and enjoy your own life too.

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Hi, I’m Lauren!

From 60 hour work weeks in the classroom to teacher author to teacher mentor and consultant.

I created Parfaitement bilingue resources in 2018 for high school French Immersion teachers who found themselves working far too late making resources from scratch. After creating workshops and year long plans for teachers, I realized the challenge was much bigger than what a few resources could fix. I wanted to make a bigger difference in the lives of teachers! I now help teachers and online experts simplify their planning, streamline their systems and love their work.

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"I've noticed results in terms of my energy levels. I've changed my structures and routines so that I'm able to use my time more wisely, cross things off my to-do list and ultimately help keep my energy levels up without feeling burnt out like before."

- Khorshid (Grade 9-11 French, Science and IB teacher)

"I really can’t reiterate how much I use the Intentional Ten… Just 1000%! It’s cutting down my prep time during the week, knowing what I’m going to do… I’m finding more time, I’m actually doing corrections at school, I’m bringing less home… Oh my gosh this is amazing!"

- Jacynthe (K-3 teacher)

"Before I started the program, I constantly felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and as though I was never doing a good enough job as a teacher. With the valuable tools and routines I have learned and established, I am a more confident, prepared, and happy teacher; plus I have my evenings and weekends back!"

- Valerie (Grade 3 teacher)

How can I help you?

Intentional Teaching Professional Development Program

An online program designed to help language teachers simplify their planning, streamline their classroom systems and better support their different learners.

How I Planned A Month of Lessons (in less than 3 hours)

This free workbook and training will show you how I planned a month of lessons quickly. When you learn how to simplify your planning, you'll have more time to better support your students!

Professional Development for Teachers

Virtual and in person professional development workshops available on simplified assessment, practical classroom systems and routines, and supporting teacher wellness.

Want to learn more about how I can support you or the teachers you work with?